Article 6: Keys Avoiding The Top Five Blogging Mistakes

Blogging offers a huge venue for people to reach to millions of readers worldwide. However, along with the benefits is the negligence that most bloggers tend to commit while maintaining their platform. Be it because of enthusiasm or because of the lack of awareness, there is no excuse that these top five blogging mistakes can be avoided. As a blogger, you have to recognize these mistakes even before you can commit a blogging boo-boo.

Mistake No. 1 – A blog with no purpose is a blog with no direction. When you are still visualizing and developing your blog, you might have asked yourself these questions at some point. What is the purpose of my blog? Is it to inform, to entertain, or to sell? What kind of audience do I need to target? How do I go through with the entries that I post? Will I treat my blog as a venue for professional growth or will it serve for personal purposes?
Knowing what the purpose of your blog is will help you plan out your strategies as well as the goals that you need to achieve. A business-related blog should be able to help you generate thousands of traffic and increase the revenue of your sales. A personal blog which documents your weight loss or travel experiences should be updated not only when you have hit something spectacular but it should also document your journey.
Mistake No. 2 – Inconsistent updates and postings. Have you observed how YouTube sensations seem to lose or disappoint their followers once they started skipping on their regular upload schedules? The same goes when you are blogging. When you skip posting contents for almost three months after a consistent update of an entire month, your readers will feel that you have neglected your blog and have explored other undertakings. It’s even worse if your readers don’t keep a blog roll or signed up in your mailing list which updates them once you have finally updated the contents of your blog.
If you are having a hard time keeping up with daily updates, you don’t really need to post every day. But make sure that you have fresh and relevant posts within the different days of the week. You can also make use of scheduled post features that most hosting platforms provide.
Mistake No. 3 – Posting fluff content. Posting content for content’s sake is another blogging mistake that might have been committed in order to prevent Blogging Mistake No. 2 from occurring. However, being a smart blogger means that you have to provide relevant and high-quality content to your readers rather than posting generic entries just so your readers have something to hold them when they visit.
It’s like having a filler, it feels tasteless and bland since it does not really cater to the reasons why your readers keep coming back on your blog.
In everything that you have to work on, think quality over quantity and this is mainly essential when keeping a blog. Develop articles that are thought-provoking and interesting and post them within justifiable schedules.
Mistake No. 4 – Cluttered blog format. You could be an innate writer or you could have developed the skill in creating high-quality posts, but no matter how smart your entries may sound, your readers seem not to care. The answer might lie on the fact that your blog’s format is too cluttered and feels time consuming to read.
When developing blog entries, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your readers. And you know yourself that reading long entries without breaks will inevitably make you feel bored or lose interest. Thus, keep your entries short and sweet. If you have a point to prove, use bullet points instead of lamenting about an issue on a continuously long sentence. Additionally, you can incorporate some images that will serve as breaks for your paragraphs. Readers, being visual creatures, will appreciate the fact that you can incorporate images with your articles.
Mistake No. 5 – Not inspiring interaction. As a blogger, you are writing for an audience. Thus at some point, you have to include your readers’ thoughts and ideas into your entries. By doing so, you can create an interaction and encourage discussion between you and your readers. You can include thought-provoking questions at the end of your entries or you can urge them to sign up on your mailing list so that they can receive regular updates.
These are just few of the common blogging mistakes that surface almost every time. Have you committed any of these or are there any other blogging mistakes that you have observed from your fellow bloggers?

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